Schedule Analyzer

Schedule Analyzer for the Enterprise
Schedule Analyzer™
by Ron Winter Consulting LLC

Schedule Analyzer™ is a suite of programs to assist the Scheduler and Claims Analyst in performing difficult or impossible scheduling tasks. The following modules are all included as a single package,

Baseline Checker will query your Baseline Primavera schedule and look for errors, inconsistencies, and problem areas. It will investigate 'hidden' rule settings and explain the ramifications of each. Baseline Checker will look for improper or suspicious activity and relationship coding and report each in easy-to-read reports. Included is Active Reports that lets you jump from your report directly to the activity in your schedule.

See a sample Baseline Checker report.
Watch a short video (2.3 MB.)

Update Checker will query two schedules and analyze their similarities and differences. Update Checker tells you the story of what happened to the schedule during the update period in easy to read reports. Exclusive, 'high-level' reports are also produced which can give a quick and insightful overview to the schedule's progress. Claim Digger doesn't have Active Reports or any of the other of our "Smart Report" features.

See a sample Update Checker report.
Watch a bigger video (21 MB.)

Dashboard analyzes your Baseline Checker or Update Checker reports and presents a quality assessment on a single screen. Drill down to the problem areas and directly to the issue report itself. Keep drilling-down until Dashboard opens your P6 schedule and takes you directly to the activity in question! See a short video on SA Dashboard.


Calendars allows you to review ‘snapshots’ of each calendar ever reviewed or to review any calendar currently on the system. Create concise holiday reports.


Longest Path Software. calculates and inserts the Longest Path Value of every activity into a custom value field in your schedule. Now, every activity can be grouped into its relative longest path chain. You can sort and group using these features to uncover the hidden logic and driving forces in your schedule.


Schedule Logger lists every Schedule Analyzer report finding for the entire project for each activity in your schedule. Either insert your logs into the schedule as a memo or create an interactive outlining system allows you to jump directly to the report identified and to the actual activity.


Logic League ™ is an extended relationship database system. With Logic League, you can finally review and control your CPM logical relationships; maintain scenarios, accelerate schedules, and manipulate soft (preferential) logic.


Report Writer. prints P6 reports that resemble the classic P3 style. Reports are easier to read and requires around a third of the normal pages.


Purge POBS. Cleans your XER files from the growing threat of POBS records.


Date Calculator computes the number of days between any two dates. A built-in calendar allows for workday calculations as well.


Schedule Analyzer does more than just look at differences. It analyzes Baseline Schedules as well as Schedule Updates. It breaks problems into issue reports and gives you advice about what that issue may mean to you. It performs high-level analyses and looks for rarely seen problems every time. Well over a 200 different checks are made, many that you have never thought of before. The issue reports may be viewed on the screen and easily ‘dragged’ to your own report.

Once the analysis is generated, use the Dashboard to encapsulate and qualify the entire schedule on just one screen. Drill-down into the section and directly to the problem report.

An exclusive feature called ‘Active Reports’ allows you to click on any line in your report and Scheduler Analyzer will automatically launch Primavera and take you directly to the activity in question. Repeat the process; click on an interesting report item and instantly see it in the original schedule. Now you will have the knowledge, means, and time to follow-up on every item of interest in your schedule.

Built-in 'How To' videos, a manual, and help-files guide you along the analysis process every step of the way. Schedule Analyzer is simple to use but full of depth and understanding about what is going on in your schedule.

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