Schedule Analyzer Overview

SAe Report Writer
By Ron Winter Consulting LLC, Copyright 2015
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SAe Report Writer makes producing schedule reports quick and simple. It was designed to meet the demanding reporting requirements of construction projects but is equally applicable for IT and Aerospace projects as well. We did this by bringing back the classic look of the P3 reports that did such a good job or neatly compressing everything into an easily scanned report. The long, unwieldy P6 artifacts such as long calendar names and activity codes are replaced by a single code character and listed in a look-up table at the end of the report.

We intended SAe Report Writer to be extremely simple to use. Here is a video showing its use. Click on the schedule in question, click the Report Button, click on the three Standard Reports, and click on the Print button and you are done. Normal monthly reporting requirements will usually be satisfied (or exceeded.) Here is a sample of these reports.

We also provide for different ‘looks’ and printer settings. Fourteen different optional lines are available for your use. Once you get used to the program, you may wish to create your own special reports other than those that come standard. You can even generate electronic reports that you can send over the internet.