Schedule Analyzer Overview

Schedule Analyzer Calendars
By Ron Winter Consulting LLC, Copyright 2010
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A funny thing happened when Primavera created P6; they forgot to let you see your calendars and compare them! Claim Digger does not list calendar changes. Schedule Analyzer Enterprise has covertly added this functionality in their Baseline Checker and Update Checker for years. The Schedules utility just makes the entire process transparent and useable.

There is a problem thought; calendars change their ‘name’ with every update. If they didn’t, you would not be able to import them without deleting existing calendars. The new names may look similar, but not to a computer. That is where you come in. We save the calendars and you tell us which ones to compare in the Calendars module.

Every time that you run Baseline Checker or Update Checker and include Admin Analysis; Schedule Analyzer secretly saves a copy of all current calendars used in your schedule. We include all necessary infomaton in teh name of each calendar file. The SAe Calendars module will let you view and compare these calendars.

There are two ‘modes’ available when using the Calendar module; Saved and Current. Saved will look at previously saved calendars generated when you ran Baseline or Update Checker and Current look allow you to access any current calendar in your P6 database.

SAe Calendars module has four modes of operation,

  • View any saved calendar,
  • Compare any saved calendars,
  • View any calendar currently in the database,
  • Compare any two calendars currently in the database.

    The following is a sample calendar definition report.

    Calendar: Standard 5-day Workweek with Basic Holidays
    Calendar Type: Project Calendar for Schedule 22Feb2012 BASE V1
    Default Schedule: No
    Base Calendar: Standard 5 Day Workweek w/ Basic Holidays
    Last Modified: 14SEP11
    Work Days:
        Sunday = Nonwork day
        Monday = Work day: 08:00-12:00 13:00-17:00
        Tuesday = Work day: 08:00-12:00 13:00-17:00
        Wednesday = Work day: 08:00-12:00 13:00-17:00
        Thursday = Work day: 08:00-12:00 13:00-17:00
        Friday = Work day: 08:00-12:00 13:00-17:00
        Saturday = Nonwork day
    Extra Workdays: 25NOV11_08:00-16:00 
    Holidays: 01SEP03             28NOV03             26DEC03             31MAY04
              06SEP04             26NOV04             24DEC04             31DEC04
              30MAY05             04JUL05             05SEP05             24NOV05
              25NOV05             26DEC05             02JAN06             29MAY06
              04JUL06             04SEP06             23NOV06             24NOV06
              25DEC06             01JAN07             28MAY07             04JUL07
              03SEP07             22NOV07             23NOV07             25DEC07
              01JAN08             26MAY08             04JUL08             01SEP08
              27NOV08             28NOV08             25DEC08             01JAN09
              25MAY09             03JUL09             07SEP09             26NOV09
              27NOV09             25DEC09             01JAN10             31MAY10
              01JUL10             02JUL10             05JUL10             06JUL10
              07JUL10             08JUL10             09JUL10             12JUL10
              13JUL10             14JUL10             15JUL10             16JUL10
              19JUL10             20JUL10             06SEP10             25NOV10
              26NOV10             24DEC10             03JAN11             30MAY11
              04JUL11             05SEP11             24NOV11             26DEC11
              02JAN12             28MAY12             04JUL12             03SEP12
              22NOV12             23NOV12             25DEC12             01JAN13
              27MAY13             04JUL13             02SEP13             28NOV13
              29NOV13             25DEC13             
    Hour Conversion Factors: Hours/Day = 8, Hours/Week = 40, Hours/Month = 172.