Schedule Analyzer Overview

Schedule Analyzer Update Checker

Update Checker takes over where Baseline Checker leaves off. It will query two different versions of a P3 or P6 schedule and analyze their similarities and differences. Update Checker tells you the story of what happened to the schedule during the update period in easy to read reports. Exclusive ‘high-level’ reports are also produced that can give a quick and insightful overview into the essential portions of a schedule’s progress.

Update Checker will check any combination of P6 or Contractor schedules, even individual schedules that are not under the same WBS structures. In addition, you can compare and analyze the differences between any P6 or Contractor schedule and its Baseline Schedule; you don’t need to ‘unattach’ them first. Depending upon circumstances, Update Checker produces the following level of separate, focused reports,

For P3 For P6 or Contractor
Schedule Analyzer Professional Schedule Analyzer for the Enterprise
Statistical Review 24 12
Activity Checks 56 43
Activity Steps Checks (n/a) 12
Activity Code Checks 3 3
Relationship Checks 35 12
Constraint Checks 21 11
Expense Checks 15 10
Resource Checks 5 18
Memo Checks 3 5
Attached Document Checks (n/a) 6
Issues Checks (n/a) 7
User-Defined Field Checks (n/a) 31
DCMA Agency Checks 0 13
High-PASEG Agency Checks 0 4
High-Level Checks 6 1
Total Checks 168 188

Use Update Checker to find out what really happened last month! Note: the above figures were current as of March 2012 but we are adding more all of the time.