Schedule Analyzer Brochure

Schedule Analyzer Baseline Checker

Baseline Checker will query any single schedule and look for errors, inconsistencies, and problem areas. It displays your calendars and holidays simply and concisely. It investigates ‘hidden’ rule settings and explains their ramifications. Baseline Checker will look for improper or suspicious activity and relationship coding and report each in easy to read reports.

Baseline Checker works on you initial, unstatused schedules as well as later ones. It even will analyze your P6 ‘hidden’ Baseline Schedules without you having to ‘unattach’ them first. Depending upon circumstances, Baseline Checker produces up to 185 different, focused reports including,

For P3 For P6 and Contractor
Schedule Analyzer Professional Schedule Analyzer for the Enterprise
Statistical Review 25 24
Activity Checks 57 41
Activity Steps Checks (n/a) 16
WBS & Code Checks 22 11
Relationship Checks 38 27
Constraint Checks 15 11
Expense Checks 11 10
Resource Checks 0 10
Memo Checks 3 6
Attached Document Checks (n/a) 3
Issue Checks (n/a) 2
User-Defined Field Checks (n/a) 11
Upper-DCMA Agency Checks 0 12
Upper-Level Checks 0 1
Total Checks 171 185

Use Baseline Checker to gain mastery over the complexity of P3 or P6/Contractor! Note: the above figures were current as of March 2012.