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Work Schedule

Work Schedule turns existing CPM schedule activities into their work components. Single, multi-day activities are replaced by multiple one-day activities in series depicting actual days worked. The breakdown of large activities over a period of time into individual work units provides the analyst the opportunity to ‘look inside’ activities and observe the actual work performed. To create a Work Schedule, you must first have created a Work Profile that describes the actual work performed.

A Work Schedule is created in the following manner. If a work profile is found for an activity, the original activity is deleted and a new Work Schedule Activity is created for every work profile record found for that original activity. The duration is set and the activity codes and WBS are transferred from the old activity to each new activity that is a subset of the old. Additionally, optional data fields are also set. If the activity is before the data date, then actual dates are entered and if it is after the data date, then early dates are forced on the activity. The following is a depiction of the process,

Before and after diagrammic example of creating a Work Schedule.

The output of this program may exist as a modified As-Built Schedule, with each actual day work suspended in space for observation. The output may also be rendered into an unstatused, modified As-Planned Schedule that can be compared to the original As-Planned Schedule in a direct one-to-one comparison. Now when you talk about “actual duration,” you can mean “actual work duration.”

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