Schedule Analyzer Schedule Analyzer Forensic Overview

Schedule Analyzer Forensic
Resource Checker
By Ron Winter Consulting LLC, Copyright 2004
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Schedule Analyzer Forensic Resource Checker is a simple utility designed to answer one question: How well was the resource-leveling portion of the schedule actually carried out last period?

We are not talking about analyzing the CPM network as is traditionally performed in construction. Activities with float can be delayed without upsetting a traditional CPM plan. In traditional CPM schedules, sometimes activities are performed partially or even completely out of sequence without upsetting the plan. Looking for these issues would not help define if the resource leveled plan is being followed.

Resource leveling is predicated on the concept that the start of certain activities will be delayed until a critical resource becomes available. If we can identify those activities that were specifically delayed by the resource leveling routines and monitor their actual start, then we should be able to determine if the resource leveled plan is being followed or not.

We will not monitor those activities that were delayed because other predecessor activities were delayed due to resource leveling; that is just a consequence of CPM logic. We will monitor only those activities that the computer specifically and individually delayed while performing the resource leveling process. We refer to these activities as “Resource-Delayed.”

Below is a screen shot of the resultant Resource Checker analysis.

Resource Checker results after analyzing planned versus actual resource use.