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Schedule Analyzer Forensic™
By Ron Winter Consulting LLC

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Schedule Analyzer Forensic™ (SA Forensic) is entirely seperate and different from our SA Pro package. There is no overlap in functionality. The following modules are included as a single package,

As-Built Critical Path 'walks' an As-Built schedule backwards, stepwise removing the actual progress, recalculating the CPM, and noting the active critical path. As-Built Critical Path tells you what actually happened to the critical path every day of the project. SA Profiler adds the ability for As-Built Critical Path to consider the actual days of work remaining when recalculating the critical path.

As-Built Float Calculator extends the concept of determining the As-Built Critical Path (above) by saving the total float and longest path data for all active activities on every given date. Perfect for analysis and terrific as a Forensic Exhibit; As-Built Float Calculator is what you have been looking for to allow you to present your point in a spectacularly clear manner!

Schedule Re-Builder destatuses an As-Built Schedule and then rebuilds it update period by update period based on expected progress and past actuals. Re-Builder tells you what Project Management thought happened to the critical path at the time of construction. SA Profiler adds the ability for Schedule Rebuilder to consider the actual work progress for in-progress activities falling on the data date.

As-Planned/As-Built Maker converts an As-Built schedule into a unstatused CPM schedule with modified durations and logic to reflect the As-Built condition. This As-Planned schedule will reflect both the early starts of activities as well as the actual durations. The logic change overcomes the objection of using actual durations for analysis. SA Profiler can work with schedules created by As-Planned/As-Built Maker to create an actual daily activity CPM network reflecting actual logic used.

Profile Maker is designed to be as efficient and accurate a method of entering work profiles as is possible. Point and click to turn your As-Built schedule into a daily work accounting. Instead of just noting that work was accomplished on any particular date, you also have the option of noting the number of work crews or work hours performed. There are built-in, enhanced editing tools. Also included are various routines and reports for reviewing and validating the information entered. The files produced by Profile Maker can be used by all of the other Schedule Analyzer Forensic programs for more accurate results.

Work Schedule turns existing CPM schedule activities into their work components. Using the output from Profile Maker, single, multi-day activities are replaced by multiple one-day activities in series depicting actual days worked. The breakdown of large activities over a period of time into individual work units provides the analyst the opportunity to ‘look inside’ activities and observe the actual work performed. To create a Work Schedule, you must first have created a Work Profile that describes the actual work performed.

Resource Checker identifies and tracks the actual execution and any variance of 'indicator' resource-leveled activities to see how well (or if) the resource leveled schedule is actually being followed.

Relationship Lister quickly and neatly organizes and creates an Excel spreadsheet containing all of your relationsihp data, even driving relationships.

FIND P3 is a multi-level utility that searches for all P3 schedules on any selected disk drive. It will then research and identify the type of schedules in a selected directory or catalogue detailed summaries in an Excel spreadsheet. FIND P3 is a must for initial Forensic Research. Note that P3 schedules must be installed and not just exist as backups.

Schedule Conformer updates your updates to ensure that the final As-Built actual dates are also the ones used in your schedule updates. Don't begin an analysis of a schedule before you conform it for actual dates!

Work Day Calculator presents every calendar in your schedule as a working calculator. It allows you to access any date and see all work day numbers for all of the defined calendars. It also allows you to enter a work day number and display the appropriate calendar date. Don't try manual date calculations without Work Day Calculator!

We have a white paper on Using SA Forensic.

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Note: P3 must already be available on your computer before you may use these programs. SA Forensic is only available for use with P3 and not with P5, P6, or Contractor. See eForensic for P6 Forensic software.