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Schedule Analyzer
Review of Major Features

The P6 user has options when it comes to choosing software to assist then in creating and reviewing schedules. You have your free audit program, Claim Digger. You have your programs that describe themselves as Metric Programs. So why have over 900 customers in the past 12 years chosen the Schedule Analyzer difference?

Schedule Analyzer is much more than an audit program. Besides the fact that an audit program cannot help you review a single schedule like Baseline Checker or untangle complicated out-of-sequence problems like Longest Path Software, Claim Digger comes up short even on a head-to-head comparison to Update Checker. Update Checker breaks down conditions into issues and then tells you what it could mean to you. Update Checker works the way you do in sifting out irrelevant data and helps you to concentrate on the issue at hand.

While you can summarize your analysis using the Schedule Analyzer Dashboard just like a metrics program, we feel that this function is aimed more toward a manager than the Schedule Analyst. An Analyst needs to truly understand what is ‘going on’ in the schedule. Simple formulas will never replace analytical thought. You cannot be assured of doing your job correctly just because a dashboard is showing all green lights. Rejecting a schedule simply because a light is red will not impress your superiors; not when their careers are on the line.

Get detailed analysis and expert presentation of the facts that you need to know about your schedules. From the day you start your project to the end, Schedule Analyzer is the expert you go to for recommendations and advice. Save up to 90% of the required time in preparing a good schedule or in reviewing one.

When the analysis is complete, you can view and edit the analysis directly on the screen or send it to your printer. You can cut-and-paste individual reports directly into your narrative. You can even use Smart Copy to re-format your report and past it into your spreadsheet. Jump to trouble spots and get the advice that you need.

Use the reports to spot and identify issues that require further study. Keep the reports on the screen while you look at your schedule using P3 or P6. With amazing Active Reports technology, jump from your report directly to the activity in the schedule and back. It just takes seconds to follow-up an entire list of issues. With over 200 possible reports, when your review of the analysis is complete you can rest easy in knowing that you have found every important issue in that schedule that there is to be found.

Each Schedule Analyzer module comes with a built-in instructional video. Each module also has a unique on-line help system. Each report has personalized Help. Finally, the entire package comes with a bound 200+ page manual describing every function and report.

With Schedule Analyzer, you don’t have to be an Expert at using Primavera to be an Expert in analyzing the schedules. Save time, become more efficient, build better schedules, find more important issues than ever before using Schedule Analyzer Professional for P3 or Schedule Analyzer for the Enterprise for /P6 schedules.