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Oracle/Primavera forgot one person when they created P6 Professional (P6) and Enterprise Project Portfolio Manager (EPPM); the System Administrator! No one knows how busy the system is, who is currently using it, how well the server is managing, or if the users are experiencing any problems.

This is the job of PROJECT WATCH. Now you can 'see' everything in real time and reference user project history and health. Spot and resolve conflicts, prepare reports, and create statistics that cover the system and user performance over time. Create User Profiles and monitor project and user histories.

PROJECT WATCH looks into your P6/EPPM database and deduces what is happening. Watch users logon and open projects in real-time. Note project access types. See projects being scheduled and leveled. Document activity, logic, task resource, and Step changes.

Sample view of a PROJECT WATCH Monitor screen.  Click on the picture to see a full-sized screen shot of a typical PROJECT WATCH Monitor screen display.

Each horizontal line represents a user logged into a single P6/EPPM project. If the user has opened multiple projects, there will be one line for each project. If another user has opened the same project, then both lines will be shown. Simply clicking on the column headers will sort any column and reveal these overlaps. Operation is extremely simple.

Documentation is built-in. You can print or even save any screen to an Excel spreadsheet. Complete, detailed logs as well as user session summaries are automatically saved for later analysis for trends and conflicts.

With PROJECT WATCH, you now have the power to,

  • Monitor All Projects,
  • Monitor All Users,
  • Coordinate P6/EPPM Access,
  • Document Problems and Issues,
  • Improve Processes.

We have several streaming videos on PROJECT WATCH. Click below to view

Contact us via the link below to request a PowerPoint presentation showing all major features of PROJECT WATCH. We also have a Sample Reports brochure available upon request.

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