Schedule Analzyer eForensic

  Registered, licensed Users of Schedule Analyzer may upgrade to the current version at any time. Upgrades only apply from one version of eForensic to the current version of eForensic.
  It is easy to determine what new features are available with your upgrade. Run Schedule Analyzer and select File/Version to determine your version number. (While you are at it, select Help/About to find your serial number.) Reference the chart below and locate your version in the list. Everything in the list above your version number is newly added and will be included in your upgrade.
  eForensic History
  Upgrades are available to registered, licensed Schedule Analyzer Enterprise Forensic Users only. Upgrades consist of an electronic download with the manual on disk. The cost of an upgrade to the current release version is $500 US (20% the cost of new.) Electronic download is free. Florida residents, please remember to add sales tax. For a new, printed manual please add $30. Prices are subject to change. YOU MUST INCLUDE YOUR SERIAL NUMBER WITH YOUR ORDER.
  Please email your company purchase order to or mail your check, name, Schedule Analyzer serial number and return address to the following:

Ron Winter Consulting LLC
204 S. 6th Street
Fernandina Beach, Florida 32034