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Survey of P6 versus eForensic Out of Sequence Results

You may now be aware that the P6 Out of Sequence Report in the P6 scheduling log is poorly formatted and uninformative. Did you also know that it misses most of the out-of-sequence events in your schedule? Yes, that is correct - most; up to hundreds of times more activities may be statused out of sequence in your schedule than are listed.

We were shocked at the poor performance of the P6 scheduling log report when we tested our eForensic Out of Sequence module. Time and time again, we were forced to go back and verify that the eForensic claims were in fact accurate and that P6 was woefully undercounting the instances. The table below shows the number of activities found to be starting out of sequence from various randomly selected production schedules from all across the construction industry.

P6 Log Totals eForensic Totals
Schedule 1 19 35
Schedule 2 0 5
Schedule 3 10 719
Schedule 4 311 4547
Schedule 5 284 4374
Schedule 6 70 381
Schedule 7 4 77
Schedule 8 0 8
Schedule 9 45 102
Schedule 10 60 317
Schedule 11 11 2552
Schedule 12 25 4844
Schedule 13 21 140
Schedule 14 25 306
Schedule 15 0 597
Schedule 16 15 102
Schedule 17 80 435
Schedule 18 0 0
Finnally! We finally found a schedule where the two agree; an unstatused baseline schedule!

If you use the P6 scheduling log's Out of Sequence listing for schedule quality control, then think again about your quality levels. If you want to be sure of your schedule quality, then you better use eForensic before someone else does. We would be happy to supply you with a demonstration run against your current schedule.

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